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Online payment is the preferred method of payment. If you encounter any difficulty or would like to pay via another method, please email us at or call us on 0114 2536700.
For payment via cheque, please see this section.

Purchasing your membership with a cheque

You can purchase membership for one year with a cheque. Please make it payable to "Sheffield ME Group" and send it by post to our office, along with this membership form. You need to fill in the membership form even if you are an existing member.

Please note: due to the new lockdown in place and safety concerns, we are not going to visit the office regularly, to ensure the safety of our staff and volunteers. So please send your cheque directly to our Chairperson:

Carolyn Leary

Flat 3

6 Shirle Hill

Sheffield S11 9DY


Many thanks for your cooperation.

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During lockdown, please address all post to:

Carolyn Leary

Flat 3
6, Shirle Hill
Sheffield S11 9DY


Phone: 0114 2536700

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