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Nutrition & diet

We are in the process of adding a lot of useful resources on this page about nutrition and diet.

In the meantime, you will surely find invaluable information and advice in the recording of talks

hosted by the SMEFG covering some hot topics of the Nutrition & Diet field.

The following talk + Q&A took place during our OctoberFest 2020:

 'Why real food matters'

Isabel Hemmings

The following talks + Q&A took place as part of our members-only Nutrition & Cookery programme:

'Nutritional support for energy production'

why Ketogenic diets and time restricted eating may be helpful in stimulating mitochondrial activity

Isabel Hemmings

 'Healthy Fats'

What are they and why they matter so much to our health

Isabel Hemmings and Sue Wharton

'Cook your way calm'

Vikki from Twiddlefood

'How to make the most of your food at home'

Sara from Bags of Taste

'Metabolic health and managing body weight'

Isabel Hemmings and Sue Wharton

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