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2021 NICE guideline for ME/CFS

You can find the 3-page summary from our Chair Carolyn about the NICE guideline for ME/CFS released in October 2021. This article was published in the Winter 2021 edition of our members' magazine.

You can find the 28-page summary from the ME Association written by Dr Charles Shepherd.

Dr Shepherd gave a talk and Q&A to our Group in March 2022 about the implementation of the NICE guideline. He kindly provided a short bullet-point handout of the guideline, and the recording of his talk can be found here.

Following our successful #SpeakUp campaign with Healthwatch Sheffield, we have worked in consultation with our members to co-produce an information sheet for GPs and other healthcare practitioners. This sheet outlines the key recommendations for treating ME/CFS from the updated NICE guideline (2021).

We are keen to ensure that all GPs in the area have up to date information about the illness, and are aware of what support is appropriate - and inappropriate - to offer.  We would be really grateful if you could help us by sharing the sheet with your GP, and letting us know which GP practice you have shared it with.

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