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Pension Credit

Pension Credit is a means tested benefit that you can claim if you are living o a low income and you have reached your state pension age. Click here to check your state pension age.

If you live with a partner who has not yet reached their state pension age, you will only be eligible for Pension Credit if you reached your state pension age before May 15th 2019 and have been claiming Housing Benefit since before May 15th 2019. If you can't claim Pension Credit, you can claim Universal Credit instead. You will be able to claim Pension Credit when your partner reaches their pension age. If you already claim Pension Credit and you move in with a partner who has not reached their pension age, your Pension Credit will stop.

How much you will get depends on your circumstances, for example if you're a carer or have a disability, your income and any savings or capital. You can still be working and claiming Pension Credit, but the more you earn, the less money you will get. 


If you're already claiming your state pension, and you're not living with someone under 16 (or 16-19 in full time education), you can claim Pension Credit online. Otherwise you will need to start your claim by calling 0800 99 1234.

For more information, or for help claiming benefits, please get in touch with our benefits team. We provide initial information and advice to everyone. We provide members of the Sheffield ME and Fibromyalgia Group with more detailed advice, casework and representation. 


Tel: +44 114 253 6700

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