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Members and Supporters Privacy Policy

At the Sheffield ME and Fibromyalgia Group we are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our members and supporters when it comes to their personal data. We aim for our use of personal data to respect everyone’s individual privacy and be as transparent as possible. This document contains an overview of how we collect, store and use any personal data we obtain.


Your Data Rights

We will only ever keep your data as long as necessary to provide you with information, support or membership services, always store your data securely, ensure your data is kept accurate and up to date and only use your data in a lawful and transparent manner for the explicit purposes outlined below. In addition to this you have the following rights regarding your personal data:

  • The right to be informed how your data is used

  • The right of view/access your data

  • The right to rectify and correct your data

  • The right to erasure of your data

  • The right to object to its use and processing in a certain way

  • The right to portability (the right to access data and use it for other purposes)


If you have any questions regarding your personal data, this privacy policy or wish to view, obtain, correct or delete any of your personal data as above you can contact us by phone on 0114 253 6700, by email at  or by post at Sheffield M.E. Group, The Circle, 33 Rockingham Lane, Sheffield, S1 4FW. Any requests to view, obtain, correct or delete any of your personal data will be processed within 30 days.

Membership Data

Collecting and Storing your Data

When registering as a member we will collect your basic contact details including name, address, phone number and email address. We will also collect information on your contact preferences and Gift Aid declarations where necessary. This will be collected via membership forms or direct contact with you (e.g. via email or phone) and will be stored securely on our database and as paper copies.

Your contact details and membership information will only be kept as long as you are a registered member and for no more than 2 years after your membership has lapsed unless the following applies:

  • You request that we delete your data

  • You have made a Gift Aid declaration in which case we are legally obliged to keep your name, address and donation details for 6 years


Using your Data

Unless we have your explicit consent we will only use your contact details and membership data to maintain our membership lists, administer payments of subscriptions, donations and Gift Aid and contact you regarding your membership, renewals and payments. This is on the legal basis that it is required for our legitimate interest in providing basic services and support to our members and keeping our membership lists up to date.

In addition to this we may use your data with your explicit consent (provided through tick boxes on membership forms, online sign up links or direct contact with you) as follows:

  • To send you, via post or email, our quarterly newsletter/magazine and Enews emails with relevant news, events and other opportunities.

  • To identify and contact you about specific events, support or funding relevant to you based on your address or other information you give us.


You have the right to withdraw your consent to any of these uses at anytime and we will ask you to renew your consent at every membership renewal.


Sharing Your Data

We will never share your data with 3rd parties unless in the following situations:

  • You give us your explicit consent

  • You have made a Gift Aid declaration in which case we will share your name, address and donation details with HM Revenue and Customs in order to claim Gift Aid. Their personal information charter can be found online at .

  • You have agreed for us to contact you with newsletters/Enews by email in which case your name and email address will be given to our 3rd party email/marketing automation provider Mailchimp. Their privacy policy can be found online at

Special Category/Sensitive Data

In addition to the basic membership and contact data mentioned above we may occasionally collect additional personal data including sensitive data known as ‘special category data’.

This includes data on health condition and personal data on benefits that you may give us. We will only collect and store this data if it is necessary to provide you with specific support or advice as part of our services to members and we have your explicit consent to collect it, store it and use it to provide these services. The data will be held along with your membership data as above.


Non-members/Supporters Data

If you are not a member but still wish to support the charity and/or receive information from us (for example you represent an organisation or have made a separate donation) we will store and use any personal contact details and other personal data you give us as for members above. This includes only contacting you with your explicit consent unless we are contacting you directly with regards to individual services or donations and we will not keep your data for more than 2 years without regaining your consent.


Privacy policy written: 18/05/18

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