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Blue Badge

What is a Blue Badge?

The Blue Badge scheme helps people who have difficulty getting around due to a disability or health condition park closer to their destination.  A Blue Badge lets you park in places where other drivers can’t. This includes disabled parking bays, on yellow lines for up to 3 hours and free on-street parking where you would usually have to pay.

Who is eligible for a Blue Badge?

Some people are eligible for a Blue Badge automatically, without any further assessment. You are automatically eligible if:

  • You receive the higher rate of the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance

  • You receive the standard rate mobility component of Personal Independence Payment, having scored 8 points or above on the “Moving Around” activity

  • You are registered as being severely sight impaired

  • You receive War Pensioners Mobility Supplement

  • You receive Personal Independence Payment mobility component and have scored 10 points specifically for the “Planning & Following a Journey” activity, on the grounds that you cannot undertake any journey because it would cause you overwhelming psychological distress

  • Has been awarded a lump sum benefit at tariffs 1-8 of the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme and has also been certified as having an enduring and substantial disability which causes inability to walk or very considerable difficulty walking.

Some people might be eligible for a Blue Badge, depending on further assessment. You might be eligible if:

  • You drive a vehicle regularly , have a severe disability in both arms and are unable to operate, or have considerable difficulty operating, all or some types of parking meter

  • You have a permanent and substantial disability which causes inability to walk, or very considerable difficulty walking

How can I get a Blue Badge?

You can apply for a Blue Badge online. You will need to provide proof of address, proof of identify, and proof of any benefits you receive, for example a PIP award letter. There is a £10 charge for the badge which you will only pay if your application is successful. 

If the decision about your Blue Badge can't be made based on the paper evidence you provide, the council might arrange for you to have an assessment with a health professional.

What can I do if my application is refused?

If your local council refuses your Blue Badge application you can ask them to look at the decision again. You should receive a letter explaining why the decision was made. You have 21 days to ask the council to review your decision. 

Disabled person's travel pass

The Disabled Persons’ Travel Pass supports people who have difficulty getting around because of a health condition or disability. The condition which affects your ability to travel can be physical, mental or cognitive.

The disabled persons’ travel pass entitles you to free travel on local buses, trams and trains around South Yorkshire, as well as some free travel in other parts of the country.

You can apply online, or you can call 01709 515151. You will need to provide evidence that you have difficulty getting around because of your condition, for example, a benefit award letter showing you have:

  • PIP with either 8+ points for the ‘Moving around’ descriptor, or 8+ points for the ‘Communicating’ descriptor

  • The Higher Rate Mobility Component of DLA

  • A War Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement

Carer Pass

If you are entitled to a disabled persons’ travel pass and you receive either:

  • The high rate care component of DLA, or

  • The high rate of Attendance Allowance, or

  • Enhanced PIP daily living

You qualify for a carer pass. This means a person who travels with you to support you will also receive free travel.

Motability scheme

The Motability Scheme allows you to exchange part of your PIP enhanced mobility component or DLA higher rate mobility to lease a vehicle to help you get around. This might be a car, wheelchair accessible vehicle or mobility scooter. 

For more information, or for help claiming benefits, please get in touch with our benefits team. We provide initial information and advice to everyone. We provide members of the Sheffield ME and Fibromyalgia Group with more detailed advice, casework and representation. 


Tel: +44 114 253 6700

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