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Child Disability Living Allowance

What is Child Disability Living Allowance?

You can claim Child Disability Living Allowance if you are the parent or guardian of a child who has a disability or long term health condition.


You can get Child DLA if your child

  • needs more care, attention or supervision than a child of the same age who doesn’t have a disability or health condition, or

  • has difficulty walking or getting around outdoors in unfamiliar places


Child Disability Living Allowance can be claimed on behalf of a child until they turn 16. Once the child turns 16 they would then be eligible to claim Personal Independence Payment. Child DLA isn't means tested, so it won't take into account your earnings or savings, and it won't affect any other benefits you claim.

What Child DLA looks at:

  • Walking

  • Getting around safely outdoors

  • Getting in and out of bed, and settling down

  • Using the toilet

  • Moving around indoors

  • Personal hygiene

  • Dressing and undressing

  • Eating and drinking

  • Managing medication or therapy

  • Vision, hearing and speaking

  • Fits, black outs and seizures

  • Hazard awareness

  • Learning how to behave and react to the world around them

  • Help at school or nursery

  • Help to take part in social activities and hobbies 

  • Support or supervision at night   

How do I claim Child DLA?

You can start a Child DLA by calling 0800 121 4600. You will then be sent a form to fill in to explain what support your child needs. You will receive a decision letter which will tell you whether your child is entitled to Child DLA, what rate you will be paid, and how long it will be paid for.

Filling out your form

It can be useful to keep a diary of what support your child needs a week or so before you fill in the form. You should include what problems your child has, what support you gave them and how long it took. This can help you fill in the form, and you can also submit it as a piece of evidence.


The form has some tick box questions and boxes for you to give more information. Although the further information boxes are optional, you should give as much detail as you can about the areas where your child struggles.


Question 20 on the form asks for a statement from someone who knows the child. It's best if this is filled out by someone who support your child in a professional capacity, such as a doctor, nurse or care worker. They should focus on what support your child needs which is more than another child of the same age without a health condition or disability. It's a good idea to get advice before you fill out the form. You can contact us to speak to a benefits advisor via the contact details below.


How much will I get?

What rate you will get depends on how much support your child needs, and when they need it. Your child won't be awarded the mobility component until they're 3 years old. If your child gets the middle or high rate of the care component, and you care for them 35 hours per week or more, you might be able to claim Carer's Allowance.

Weekly Child DLA rates 2020/2021

Care component

Higher rate- £89.15

Middle rate- £59.70

Lower rate- £23.60

Mobility component

Higher rate- £62.25

Lower rate- £23.60

If your Child DLA claim is turned down, or if you get an award at a lower rate than you think you should have, you have the right to challenge the decision.

For more information, or for help claiming benefits, please get in touch with our benefits team. We provide initial information and advice to everyone. We provide members of the Sheffield ME and Fibromyalgia Group with more detailed advice, casework and representation. 


Tel: +44 114 253 6700

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