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Marie's hair-razing fundraising!

Our arty member Marie has initiated this bold (and bald) head-shaving fundraiser to support our Group to:

  • organise accessible arts classes of all kinds for our members (singing, drawing, writing, textiles...)

  • make an exhibition in Sheffield to showcase the amazing creativity of our members and contribute to raising awareness of the conditions.

This is a fabulous first in the history of the Group! Thank you Marie!

Please support Marie in her initiative, support us organise all this for our community and spread the word as wide and loud as you can! Many thanks for your help.

What we will organise with your donations:

  • With £600: accessible singing classes, writing workshops, arts workshops for our members

  • With £1,200: arts exhibition - renting a venue, display of artwork and catering. Your name will be featured on the sponsor’s banner in the exhibition hall (unless you choose to donate anonymously)

Thank you for supporting us in this amazing adventure!

Marie and the SMEFG team

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