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#MillionsMissing2021 - Celebrating our community

This year on the 12th of May at 2pm, we'll be gathering to celebrate the strength and creativity of our amazing community. The year that has passed since the last #MillionsMissing event, despite the numerous challenges that it brought, has been fed with online activities, befriending, artistic creations, culinary experiences and more.

On the 12th of May, we'd like to share positive experiences, original creations and things that made you smile this year.

We're asking for contributions with:

  • poems, photos of paintings or cooking successes and anything you've created this year

  • things that cheered you up, be it a photo of your favourite indoor plant, of an outdoor trip if you managed any, a song you liked to listen to, an activity your particularly liked...

Please send these to us on

To join us on the day, please email us to ask for the link of the Zoom meeting if you haven't received it within our mailing list.

We hope to see you there!

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