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NICE Guideline for ME/CFS: Information Sheet for GPs

Combined logos of Sheffield ME & Fibromyalgia Group and Healthwatch Sheffield. Blue spiral circle logo, bracketed by pink and green quotation marks

Following our successful #SpeakUp campaign with Healthwatch Sheffield, we have worked in consultation with members to produce an information sheet for GPs and other healthcare practitioners. This sheet outlines the key recommendations for treating ME/CFS from the updated NICE guideline (2021). You can preview the sheet below:

Image of A4 sheet of text, please click to download. Logos of Sheffield ME & Fibromyalgia Group. Title: The New NICE guideline on ME/CFS Information for GPs.

We are keen to ensure that all GPs in the area have up to date information about the illness, and are aware of what support is appropriate - and inappropriate - to offer. We would be really grateful if you could help us by sharing the sheet with your GP, and letting us know which GP practice you have shared it with.

This will allow us to make sure we are reaching as many GPs in the region as possible, and ensure that people with ME/CFS in the region are receiving the right kind of care and support.

If you would like to learn more about the NICE guideline for ME/CFS, you can find out more on our website here, or read the 3-page summary here from our Chair of Trustees, Carolyn. Thank you so much for your help! - SMEFG Team

An email was sent around on 20/10/22 with a broken link to the info sheet. Many apologies for this error. - P

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Nov 07, 2022

Thanks for this. Is it thought to be more effective emailed for the attention of our specific GP, or emailed for the attention of all the GPs? Thanks

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