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ONLINE TALK: ME/cfs in Children and young people - Dr Nigel Speight

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

You can find the recording of this talk on this page.

Huge thanks to Nigel and Debbie!


This talk is especially relevant to families supporting young people and those not getting the support they need from schools and services. It will also be relevant to families supporting young people with long Covid symptoms.

With Dr Nigel Speight and the TYMES Trust charity.


  • 5 min - Introduction

  • 30-45 min - Talk by Dr Nigel Speight: 'ME in children and young people, an ideal approach compared with less than ideal approaches'

  • 5 min break - grab a cuppa

  • 10-15 min - TYMES Trust presentation

  • 20 min - Q&A (open to questions about long Covid symptoms in young people)

About Dr Nigel Speight

Dr Nigel Speight is the foremost expert on children and young people with ME/cfs. He is a semi-retired British doctor based in the North East of England who specialises in Pediatric ME/cfs and has been involved in fighting many child protection cases in which children with ME/cfs were at risk of being removed from their parents. He has acted as a voluntary pediatric medical advisor for many ME/cfs charities.

He features in the film Voices from the Shadows, a documentary about severe ME/cfs.

He has been outspoken about the risks to children with ME/cfs being misdiagnosed as having a psychiatric condition.

He is also sharing concerns about young people showing long Covid symptoms.

About the TYMES Trust charity

TYMES Trust is the only national ME charity dedicated to children and young people with ME and their families. They provide support for children, young people, parents and carers through their advice line and their professionals referral service for instance. Hear more about what they do and ask your questions during this talk.

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