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Our new Digital Inclusion project

Our digital inclusion project has started as we've welcomed Rosie in our team! The project will enable 8 of our members to receive digital equipment and training to join the online world and access a new range of support.

Instruction manuals and individual support over the phone will be provided to participants, and also to any other of our members needing some help to make the most of their own devices.

If you're interested in receiving tailored support to optimise the use of your device, or if you know any other member who would benefit from this project, please get in touch with us: 0114 2536700 /

Could you help?

If you're living with a chronic illness and using IT equipment, we'd like to know which ones you find the most suitable to join online activities on Zoom and browse information: laptop, tablet, smartphone? Please send your thoughts to

Welcome Rosie and thank you to the PKW Community Partnership for funding this project!

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