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Did you get your PIP award at a tribunal?

When you are awarded Personal Independence Payment (PIP), the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) reassesses your claim every couple of years. The DWP will send you a review form to fill in to tell them about any changes to your condition, and they will make a new award which can be the same, higher, or lower than your original award. You will be paid at the rate of your current award until the DWP has reassessed your claim.

However, if you are awarded PIP following a tribunal hearing, the process is a bit different. Your award letter from the tribunal will say how long your award will last. The end date of your claim is when your PIP payments will stop. This means that, if the process of the DWP sending your review form, you returning the form, you attending a medical assessment if required, and the DWP making their decision, does not happen before your claim end date, your payments will stop.

This has become a particular issue at the moment, with long delays for claimants getting medical assessment dates and award decisions. If your were awarded PIP following tribunal, the DWP is required to contact you before the end of your claim, however sometimes there is not enough time for the full reassessment process to take place.

If you were awarded PIP following a tribunal, and your end date is coming up, get in touch with our benefits team at We can help you request an extension to your claim, to make sure that you keep receiving payments while your claim is being reassessed.

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