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Tips on completing a successful PIP form.

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Firstly, the most important part of getting a successful award is medical evidence. This can be from your GP, Consultant or family and friends. The evidence needs to show how you need help in the various daily living and mobility activities which will be shown on the list of descriptors.

It is really important that any medical evidence describes your condition from a GP's point of view and they don't write sentences such as 'Angela tells me that she is struggling to prepare food etc' so point this out to your GP at your next appointment.

If your GP will not provide any medical evidence or will charge you to write it, then please say this on the form. This will then alert the DWP that they need to contact your GP to obtain the suitable medical information required.

Once you have received the form from the DWP you can always ask them for an extension of 2 weeks which should give you a total time of 6 weeks to complete the form

Don’t be frightened of putting on the form what you can do but always add the side effects that come after eg "I can wash the pots some days but I always have to rest for an hour afterwards as I am exhausted and in pain arising from ME."

Admittedly the form can be challenging because it is asking you to confirm what you can’t do in life. So it is vital that once you have completed the form you 'treat' yourself and put the form out of your mind once it is posted off to the DWP.

Please try not to answer with ‘It Varies’ in the answers. You have to complete the form as though it is your worst day!

Always think, ‘can I do this reliably, repeatedly and safely.’ If you cannot walk 20 metres reliably, repeatedly and safely then you should be judged as not being able to undertake this activity.

Once you have completed the form it is essential you take a copy of the form and any evidence you might have and then keep it in a safe place until you are invited for an assessment.

When you are sending off the form to the DWP make sure you send it special delivery as the DWP cannot say they have not received it or lost it.

As you probably are aware we cannot complete PIP forms at the present time but if you are completing it yourself and you have a question please email us on or telephone 0114 2536702 and we will get back to you.

Sarah and I are concentrating on appeals and mandatory reconsiderations from now on and we will be writing an article on appeals in the next newsletter. There was an article on Mandatory Reconsiderations in the winter 2018 newsletter so please take a look to refresh your memories but we will certainly be able to write these for you if required.

Stay strong everybody!

Chris and Sarah

Welfare Benefit Advisers

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